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HBV Genotype Diagnostic Kit (Fluorescence PCR)


This test kit applies a trace of nucleic acid releasing reagent to quickly lyse and release HBV-DNA in serum or plasma specimens.It selects the coding region of coding surface antigen S gene in human Hepatitis B virus genome as the amplification target region, and designs specific primers and various types of specific probes. It uses HBV B-type specific primers and fluorescent probes, C-type specific primers and fluorescent probes, D-type specific primers and fluorescent probes, matched with PCR reaction solution, using fluorescence PCR technology to realize a quick detection of the specific DNA nucleic acid fragments of HBV B/C/D genotypes.

【Intended use】

It is proven that different Hepatitis B virus genotypes may influent the severity of liver diseases and the incidence of liver cancer. They also affect the clinical prognosis of HBV infection, vaccine and antiviral treatment. This test kit is used for genotyping B, C and D in positive HBV DNA serum or plasma specimens and can be used as an aid for HBV treatment.


Specificity HBV genotypes B,C,D
Specimen type Serum,plasma
Internal standard Yes
Operational advantages Simple, accurate and stable
Packing specifications 24 tests/box


● Simple operation, high extraction efficiency and strong anti contamination ability;

● The specific PCR amplification reaction system has strong anti-interference ability, and there is no crossover between B/C/D genotypes;

● High sensitivity and good repeatability, both inter-assay and intra-assay coefficient of variation (CV)  ≤ 5%;

● High efficiency internal standard technology to avoid false negative test results;

● B/C mixed system is adopted to reduce the number of extraction and realize rapid and accurate genotyping.