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Nucleic Acid Purification Kit(Magnetic bead method)


Nucleic acid extraction reagent 1 working together with protease K denatures and digests the DNA/RNA-wrapping proteins to liberate DNA/RNA, then the free DNA/RNA is aggregated by nucleic acid precipitation aid, which facilitates the effective binding of DNA/RNA with magnetic beads in the following step. The reagent uses silicon oxide-made superparamagnetic nano beads, which can specifically recognize and efficiently bind to nucleic acid molecules at the microscopic interface. Using the superpara-magnetism of these silicon oxide-made nano-particles, under the action of Chaotropic salts (guanidine hydrochloride and guanidine thiocyanate, etc.) and an external magnetic field, the magnetic beads can separate DNA/RNA from serum, plasma, swabs, secretions, feces, virus concentrate and other cell-free body fluids. The following washing step removes the impurities including proteins and polysaccharides, etc. except DNA/RNA, and then the elution step dissociates the bound DNA/RNA from the magnetic beads and yield the DNA/RNA product in high purity and high concentration to achieve the goal of DNA/RNA extraction.

【Intended use】

The Nucleic acid purification reagent (hereinafter referred to as reagent) are used for nucleic acid extraction, enrichment, purification and other related steps. The processed product is used for clinical in vitro testing.

Reagent can be used to extract DNA/RNA from serum, plasma, swabs, secretions, feces, virus concentrate and other cell-free body fluid samples. It is mainly aimed at the detections of various pathogenic microorganisms by medical testing institutions and research institutions, such as clinical detection of various types of hepatitis, respiratory infectious diseases, intestinal infectious diseases, reproductive infectious diseases, seasonal infectious diseases, AIDS and genetic diseases, etc. The test results can be used to assist diagnosis, clinical treatment and observation, but cannot be used as the only index when evaluating the patient’s disease condition. A comprehensive analysis should be performed when combing the test results with patient’s clinical symptoms and other laboratory tests. Reagent must not be used for blood source screening.


1. Extraction efficiency: For 200 μL sample extraction, 4-8 μg of total genomic nucleic acid is expected.

2. Extraction purity: The ratio of A260/A280 is within range of 1.7-1.9.

3. Repeatability: If the same batch of reagent is repeatedly used to extract from the same sample, the amount of the extracted nucleic acid varies by less than 10%.

【Packing specifications】

24 tests/box, 48 tests/box, 96 tests/box