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Quantitative PCR Diagnostic Kit for HBV-DNA(PCR-Fluorescence Probing in One-Tube)


This test kit uses a trace of nucleic acid releasing reagent to quickly lyse and release HBV DNA in serum or plasma specimens. It uses a pair of specific primers and a specific fluorescent probe designed for the conserved region of HBV nucleic acid, matched with PCR reaction solution, using the Real-time PCR detection technology  to realize the quantitative detection of HBV DNA through the change of fluorescence signals on the fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.

【Intended use】

This test kit is designed for the rapid quantitative detection of hepatitis B virus DNA in human serum or plasma. The test results from monitoring of HBV DNA baseline and changes in blood specimens can be applied as an aid for diagnosis of HBV infection and helps the observation of the efficacy of antiviral drugs.


Specificity HBV genotypes A-H
Specimen type Serum,plasma
Linear Range of Measurement 300~2.5×109 IU/ml
Internal standard Yes
Operational advantages Fast, accurate and stable
Packing specifications 48 tests/box


● All reactions are completed in one tube to reduce the chance of specimen contamination;

● The specific PCR amplification reaction system has strong anti-interference ability;

● High sensitivity, rapid and accurate quantification and good repeatability;

● Simple operation and low consumption of consumables;

● High efficiency internal standard technology to avoid false negative test results;

● The Detection limit of the kit can reach 30 IU/ml, which has high analytical sensitivity compared with the same type of domestic detection products at present.