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Blood Monitor System and strip

【Blood Monitor System and strip】

The Coretests system uses the latest blood glucose monitoring technology.

It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in the quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh whole blood for self-testing by lay users. Or by health care professionals.

【Preparation works】

1. Chaging the battery

2. Coding

3. Seting the time and date

4. Preparing the lancet pen

5. Geting a blood sample

【How to use the Blood Monitor System and strip to test】

1. Check code number

2. Insert the test strip

3. Apply blood sample

4. Read your result

5. Pull out test strip


1.make the code in meter is same as the code marked on bottle of strip.

2.Do not open the blood meter before you testing.When the test strip inserted, the blood meter is open automatic.

3.When the test strip is pulled out. The blood meter is closed automatic.

【When you should monitor your blood glucose value】

1. Before you eating.

2. After 2 hours when you eating

3. Before you sleep

4. Test in randomly for some special condition to learn more about the elements may influence your blood glucose value. Such as menstrual period. Etc.

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