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Nucleic Acid Purification Kit(Lysis method)


TritonX – 100, Tween 20 and Protease K in the lysate disrupts the outer wall structure of bacteria and unwinds proteins linked to bacterial and viral nucleic acids. Chelex – 100 catalyzes DNA release and prevents DNA degradation. Through a series of effects of the above components, the kits can effectively extract bacterial and viral DNA from serum, plasma, secretion swabs, feces, mouthwashes, sputum, urine, and pus fluid specimens.

【Intended use】

This kit is used for nucleic acid extraction, enrichment, purification and other related steps, and the processed products are used for clinical in vitro testing.


1. Extraction efficiency: For 500 μL sample extraction, 4-8 μg of total genomic nucleic acid is expected.

2. Extraction purity: The ratio of A260/A280 is within range of 1.7-1.9.

3. Repeatability: If the same batch of reagent is repeatedly used to extract from the same sample, the amount of the extracted nucleic acid varies by less than 10%.

【Packing specifications】

24 tests/box, 48 tests/box, 96 tests/box